Just because I can.

In all seriousness though, I think drawing is a nice skill to have, and in addition to that, is an effective way to stimulate brain activity.

Social reach

Given that it's more fun when there are people could witness your work (not necessarily appreciate it) and provide some input - I figured it would be nice idea to expose my work to broad public. Free advices? Yes please.

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Tech stack

Building this website was a new experience for me in terms of development challenges (my main profession is software development).

Some of the skills learned were

  • headless CMS (I use Netlify CMS)
  • content pre-rendering (SSR), using puppeter
  • Open Graph meta tags for SEO optimization
  • minor SEO tools such as sitemap and robots files generation
  • images post-processing for social sharing with node and Sharp
  • website exposure/hosting through Cloudflare Workers
  • website itself was built with VueJs 3 as an SPA (Single Page Application), though, I admit that it would be a time saver if I just built it as static set of pages instead